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The most important component of our studio and business are the clients who walk through our doors. We are focused on being a premier fitness provider with the highest level of service, safety, effectiveness, education, and satisfaction. We are committed to creating a welcoming & friendly environment & Community where everyone feels comfortable in their workout regardless of their goals, age or fitness level.

We invite YOU to lay all excuses aside and let us help create a well-balanced healthy lifestyle that is guaranteed to benefit you for the better.

When you workout at PHIIT, you’ll get the attention of personal training in a group atmosphere full of energy!

Our coaches are specially selected and then highly trained. They are passionate about what they do and are truly committed to bringing out the best in you.

They will motivate and inspire you to get the results you are after!

Meet Our Trainers


Our fearless leader Alina has over 20 years experience in the kickboxing world and is happy to bring her knowledge to PHIIT. Not only is Alina the owner, but she coaches, too! As a mother of 3 girls, 2 dogs, and a husband, Alina is more than happy to take out her stress of daily life on those bags.

Hey, did you know she speaks THREE languages? When you come in, ask her about it!


Certified Coach Sonya has been doing gymnastics and all things fitness since she could walk. And if you’ve ever taken one of her classes, you know she means business … but Sonya is also a big old teddy bear and comedian. Don’t let those chiseled arms fool you — she will make your abs burn from core work and by laughing so hard at her silly personality.

Sonya has a pup named Rocko who has replaced her two human children as the love of her life. Warning: She will show you a lot of pictures of him. A LOT!


Licensed as a massage therapist in NYC and NJ, Erik is trained in just about everything. Being motivated by his father’s Parkinson's diagnosis, Erik found his passion in helping others with functional movement and exercise. He wants people to know that health and wellness is NOT a luxury, but an important necessity.

Kimaine Espirit
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I had been working out with no purpose and was very inconsistent. Impact Strong was definitely the push I needed to promote consistency. I even made significant changes to my eating habits. Thank you Sonya and Alina for all your continued motivation and support! I would recommend to anyone who wants to start working out but don’t know how, to anyone who already works out but needs the extra push to intensify the workouts, to anyone who simply wants the additional support with workouts and nutrition. The workouts are tough but the trainers make it fun. Keeps you coming back for more as you begin to see the physical and emotional changes.
Neela Singh
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I LOVE the Impact Strong, This is my favorite place to work out. Sonya is a excellent instructor, her classes are enjoyable and will surly make you sweat . I’m so happy I joined Impact Strong 💪
Jason Scott
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Impact Strong has been amazing so far! Sonya and Alina lead workouts that go fast but really make you work! I leave the gym every day sore but smiling and satisfied with how hard I worked. They push you to find your limits and help you to extend those limits every day! This is by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a gym and would recommend it for anyone willing to trust them and work as hard as they can!
Mike Bruce
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This place is absolutely incredible!!! The trainers are so positive and supportive it's easy to see that they truly care. The facility is always spotless and the workouts are super challenging, if I could give 10 stars I would! Don't think about it, just go, you'll thank me later
Gaby N.
Gaby N.
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Sonya and Alina are so supportive and motivational! They really help you accomplish your goals to becoming fit and healthy! I’ve worked harder in the past week I’ve been with them, than in the past few months!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is ESPECIALLY for you! We are here to start from the ground up and get you feeling confident, strong, and crush the goals you have for yourself.
No worries! One of our certified coaches will help modify a movement so that you can still benefit from it without injury!
Each class is specifically designed to meet the needs of every one of our members. No need for a beginner class. Come in and we’ll assist you every step of the way!
You are more than welcome to bring your own or you can purchase a pair of IMPACT STRONG ELITE gloves at the studio’s retail station.
You can wear gym clothes that are comfortable and not restrictive. You will be moving around a lot and we want you to be able to have fun and not worry about fixing your outfit. If you forget water, don’t worry — we got you covered!
To get the results you want, we recommend 3-4 classes a week. Recovery days are just as important as the days you kick butt. We are open 7 days a week to fit all schedules.
Of course! Our schedule is constantly changing to make sure we can accommodate all of our members. We have classes throughout the day in 30 minute increments, even during your lunch break!
Nope — we have both men and women taking our sweat-inducing 30 minute sessions!
Contact us here and we’ll get you scheduled for a consultation ASAP!

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