5 Benefits To Taking A Kickboxing Class And Sticking With It

When you hear kickboxing, your first thought might be a bloody scene in one of the Rocky movies and as your friend is asking if you want to try a class with her, you’re secretly laughing while also making an excuse not to go.

“So sorry, Brenda! I have my sister’s boyfriend’s Aunt’s cousin’s pet goldfish funeral and if I don’t attend, there will be HELL to pay!”

But … let’s be real. Who doesn’t want to feel like a bad-ass as they literally melt fat from their body AND release amazing amounts of stress by kicking and punching? Oh, and not getting in trouble because all you’re doing is hitting a bag, not an actual human being (though, for effect, you can always tape a picture of someone on to the bag to make it feel like the real deal! You do you, boo!)

So, what can you expect from your first kickboxing class besides a (LITERAL) ass-kicking workout?

First, try to always arrive around 15 minutes prior to class starting in case there’s paperwork that needs to be filled out. Once that’s squared away, you’ll likely be offered some hand wraps and gloves. Are they necessary? Well, if you truly don’t want your hands and knuckles to feel like you just broke up your Uncle Larry’s bar fight, then yes; they’re necessary but usually cheap. Some studios even offer them for free or at a discounted rate!

Before you get into the kickboxing part of the class, you’re going to want to get that warm-up in. Warm-ups generally range between 3-10 minutes depending on the size and length of the class. So get those jumping jacks in, do the jog around the studio, and get that heart rate pumping!


Now you’re ready for those timed drills; a coach or instructor will demonstrate the movement, then time you. You will get a short active recovery between each set so make sure you have your water bottle handy!

Don’t forget your form! You’re going to want to get that speed up and do as many jab cross punches as you can but you never want to compromise form and injure yourself. If you’re unsure about a move, ask the instructor to explain — that’s why they are there!

Once all the rounds are done, depending on the studio, you will do some core work and/or a cool down/stretch.

How will you feel? Sweaty, empowered, strong, and ready for your next class!

But what are the actual benefits of kickboxing? I’m glad you asked!

1. Kickboxing Teaches You Self Defense

It’s a crazy world out there, my friend. You never think you need something until you actually do. Like that time you scoffed at the thought of your mother buying the Costco bulk pack of batteries but then your electricity went out and all the flash lights were dead. I know you’re shaking your head because it’s true.

Think of kickboxing as batteries. You may never need to use them (and hopefully you won’t have to) but keeping those skills in the back drawer will not only give you the confidence you need but the tools to utilize them if you DO need them.

2. Kickboxing Aids In Weight Loss

A study conducted by American Council on Exercise (ACE) found the following:

Participants in the study—15 women with an average weight of 135 pounds—burned the most calories while performing a combination of upper-and lower-body movements. Overall, caloric expenditure ranged from 6.45 calories per minute (with predominantly upper-body exercises) to 8.3 calories per minute (with an upper/lower body combination).

When was the last time you burned 250 calories in a half hour? (FYI: everyBODY is different and calorie burn is dependent on many factors. But the harder you work, the more you burn. That won’t change!)

3. Kickboxing Is A Stress Reliever

According to Women’s Health Magazine who spoke to Taylor Merritt, an ACE certified instructor, “The biggest thing we hear is that people feel empowered—they consider kickboxing their therapy … They’re fighting for their mental strength, happiness, anxiety and just a release. So, people feel good during the workout, but they also feel amazing after, and throughout the day and week. You’re basically on a boxing high.”

Picture it: It’s the end of a work day. It’s 4:59 p.m. and your boss calls you into their office to tell you about a new assignment that needs to be completed yesterday.

It’s 3:00 p.m. and your child(ren) can be found bouncing off the wall, yelling, screaming, tired, and hungry. You are the only person they want their chocolate milk from.

This is where a 30 minute kickboxing class comes in.

You leave that new assignment outside the door.

You leave your child’s demands in the car (not the actual child, just to be clear).

You walk into the kickboxing class and give it your ALL for 30 minutes.

THREE ten minute blocks of time.

You owe this to yourself, your health, your body, and those around you!

4. Kickboxing Can Be Easily Modified For Those Who Need It

Not all of us are Instagram fitness models who can sell protein powder to … a protein powder company, just by their physique.

Some of us are actual human beings who are just starting out but want to become fit. Well, kickboxing is the answer.

Once you learn the actual movements with proper form, you can go at your own speed. Kickboxing is not a race, or a marathon; it’s a completely different beast that helps you grow stronger, but at your own pace. No one will be watching you punch the bag because they will be too busy pounding on their own.

As time progresses, and your fitness journey with kickboxing does as well, you will find that you are capable of doing things faster, heavier, and with more … oomph than that first day you were dragged to the class kicking and screaming.

5. Kickboxing Helps You Focus

With heart-pounding music, an instructor telling you what your next move is, and coordinating your body and mind to actually execute the complex movements kickboxing will have you doing, it’s a no-brainer … literally!

Your body and mind will connect in ways that will have you focusing like you’ve never done before.

Major benefit: After you’ve mastered focusing on the bag and not those around you in class, you can then use that to ignore your loved ones! Just kidding. Not really.

We’ve gone over what to expect and the benefits to kickboxing. So, what’s stopping you? Let’s do this.

Contact Impact Strong Manalapan NOW to book your free consult!

*Britney Spears Not Included*


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