7 Celebrities That Use Kickboxing and HIIT To Keep Fit

I’m sure if you’ve spent even just a minute scrolling social media, you’ve seen celebrities promote weight loss shakes and supplements. But we all know the truth: The only way to a healthy and fit body is with proper nutrition and exercise. You have to put the work in to see results; but the stars of the world aren’t posting about their fitness routine.

Famous people are doing exactly what we are, but due to the nature of the business, it has to appear they are naturally healthy — without the work. This is why we are pulling back the curtain to show the Wizard of Oz … or Wizard of Fitness … or whatever.

At Impact Strong Elite, we offer 30 minute sessions of both kickboxing and HIIT. You better believe these are the exact same regimens celebrities keep up with, but keep quiet about!

What is Khloe Kardashian actually doing when she posts “gym selfies?”

If Angelina Jolie is so busy, how are her arms so defined?

The proof, my friends, is in the sugar-free pudding!

7 Celebrities Who Do Kickboxing and/or HIIT

1. Khloe Kardashian

In 2013, Khloe revealed to OK! Magazine just how much she loves kickboxing, saying: “Well I love to box. I’ve always boxed. I just love it. I’m good at it. I get the circuit really well. Like when they yell out numbers I’m really fast and good with it and it keeps me really entertained. I don’t get bored and you shed weight when you do it …”

2. Denise Richards

Like most actors, you need to prep for a role sometimes by changing your body and that’s just what Denise Richards did when she turned to kickboxing for one of her characters. Denise chose an exclusive California kickboxing gym that has trained several other actors, as well.

3. Mark Wahlberg

While preparing for the 2009 Academy Award winning movie, The Fighter, Mark spent most of his time training with Brian Nguyen.

According to Shape, Nguyen said of Wahlberg, “Most great fighters like Mark have the ability to transfer force from the lower body to the upper body. The Rotational Med Ball Slam allows the fighter to not only use the hips and the lower body as it stabilizes ground force, but it helps works the obliques and upper body while delivering a powerful explosive movement as the hips rotate and the ball is thrown to the ground …”

4. David Beckham

If you’ve seen David Beckham, you just know. While we’d all love to think he’s just genetically blessed with that physique, even Beckham needs to work at it. So, what does he do? HIIT!

He prefers sprints, which are high intensity intervals that improve your endurance, agility, and your ability to sweat into a puddle of gooey sexiness. I mean, at least for David Beckham.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Being Scarlett Johansson doesn’t leave you with a ton of time to workout; with her being a super-star, a mother, and a human in general.

Her trainer, Don Saladino, told Well And Good, “This is a workout [HIIT] I use with some of my clients when they don’t have a ton of time, but it still gets them strong and lean and burns a lot of calories, all in under 30 minutes.” Saladino goes on to say that squats and burpees are part of the routine.

6. Karlie Kloss

Model Karlie Kloss says of kickboxing, “For me, personally, in my own body regardless of how it affects you on the outside, it’s how it affects you on the inside that really motivates me and keeps me pushing myself further … In general I think it’s a matter of keeping moving, keeping pushing myself. Trying different things.”

Hard to argue with that!

7. Demi Lovato

The all around talent that is Demi Lovato showed off her kickboxing skills [and self-defense!] in a video posted this year. You can see for yourself here:


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